aat Practice Exams for the Association of Accounting Technicians qualification.


CIMA Mock Exams for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.







aat Practice Exams

aat Practice Exams are a proven and encouraged part of the learning journey. Knowing the various formulae and concepts of your module is not enough, as many AAT students would agree aat practice exams are an excellent way to become exam ready.

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The aat Practice exams tests available from LDNx are prepared against the 2016 syllabus.  Each pack of aat practice exams consists of three aat practice exams in two assessments modes.  Unlike the two aat practice exams made available by the aat, our first assessment mode is the revision mode, with no time restrictions, allowing you the time to engage with your notes and text books and to attempt the question without the worry of the time expiring.  Equally, our aat practice exams in revision mode allow you to check your progress after every question.  With a built in Mark my Work feature, every correct input will turn Green – giving you the confidence that you have performed well in that question.

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Our second assessment mode is exam mode, which introduces a ticking clock reminding you that all the questions of the aat practice exam must be completed before the time expires.  Unlike, the official aat practice exams, our tests only highlight the time remaining and should you exceed the time limit of the paper, you can still continue – as in our experience there is nothing more frustrating when the aat practice exam forces you to complete.

Exam Practice

With only two aat practice exams available from the AAT, you quickly start to memorise  what the answer is.  Our aat practice exams are designed to compliment the official aat practice exams.  Our different take, different questions and different approach are the perfect study aid addition to help you become exam ready.

Our aat practice exam packs provide three unique practice tests, with the option of the two exam modes for £10 per module.  To read more about the aat practice exams please click the Read More button, or to gain access to the aat Practice Exams please click the red button.

CIMA Mock Exams

The key to success in the real CIMA exam is through extensive use of CIMA Mock Exam questions.  With the updated 2019 syllabus CIMA has provided blueprints of what could be examined and our CIMA Mock Exams test your knowledge on every outcome, component and topic stated in the 2019 syllabus update.

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Score in each area of the syllabus

Our CIMA Mock Exam questions mirror the style and at times are more difficult the real exam.  For example, in the financial pillar our CIMA Mock Exams do away with the multiple choice, and request you to input the number directly. Our intention is to to help you be as prepared as possible for the real sitting. 

Total CIMA Exam Mocks
Mock Exam Questions
£ 279
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The CIMA Mock Exams from LDNx included detailed answers and where appropriate we’ve provided further reading to official CIMA student resources (you will need to log in to the CIMA website to access these links).  The CIMA Mock Exams are built on our bespoke website, allowing us to offer a range of benefits: overall score, score per area of syllabus, compare your score against previous takers of our CIMA Mock Exams and an autosave feature to name just a few.

The importance of formative feedback in helping students improve cannot be underestimated. Academic studies have shown time and time again that formative feedback has the potential to increase students attainment by two grade boundaries. Applying that to the CIMA exam, you could be looking at an additional 12 questions with the use of our formative feedback.

Formative Feedback

Brilliant product compared to more expensive online providers such as Practice Test Academy, the questions are good.
Jak C

Our CIMA Mock exams provide three unique tests with 180 exam style questions for £10 per module.  To read more about the CIMA Mock Exams please click the Read More button, or to gain access to the CIMA Mock Exams please click the red button.

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