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Free CIMA Mock Exams from LDNx

LDNx offers CIMA accounting students two free CIMA mock exams for each of the 2019 syllabus objective papers at operational, management and strategic level.

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Our questions are split between:

  1. testing your knowledge of key concepts and theories,
  2. scenario style questions

While testing your knowledge of key concepts and theories can help reassure you have learnt the material correctly, applying this knowledge in a business scenario is completely different. More importantly and inline with how you will be assessed in your real exam LDNx have provided 100s of scenario style questions, which test your knowledge and understanding within a simulated business scenario.

The syllabus overview from CIMA suggests some modules are more effected than others with the 2019 update, however the release of the Exam Blueprints has offered a glimpse into what type of questions you will be tasked with in the exam.

Every single Free CIMA Mock Exam question on LDNx can be linked back to a representative task statement, allowing you to practice in the knowledge that this is our take on CIMA’s suggested exam question.

You can also take confidence that we have set questions on every area of the 2019 syllabus, every outcome, component and topic has been included in our bank of questions.

Our CIMA Mock Exam questions will truly assess your understanding of the module and set you in good stead to perform well in your real exam!

We have two options for you, a free package to get you started straight away and an upgrade which provides you with a lot more…

Free CIMA Mock Exams v CIMA Mock Exams +

Free CIMA Mock Exams:

  • 120 CIMA Mock Exam style questions, split between two free mock exams for CIMA students to use to prepare for the exams
    • Revision format, with the answer after every question
  • Autosave function, so you never lose your previous answers
    • Very useful if one of the ads takes your interest!
  • Overall feedback on whether you would have passed.

In summary, 120 exam style questions with the correct answer displayed in revision mode free for you, nothing stopping you to get started straight away!

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CIMA Mock Exams +:

In addition to the free CIMA Mock Exam material above, the CIMA Mock Exams + option provides additional features including:

Three Full CIMA Mock Exams

A collection of CIMA Exam Mock questions which require answers in the following formats:

  • Single choice answer,
  • Multiple choice (with the dreaded ‘Select all that apply’)
  • Sorting
  • Matching
  • Free Choice, a little harder as there is no need to input the number in your real exam, which you are required to do with this question type on this website. However, if you get these questions correct, our hope is you will find the real exam comfortable.

Revision Mode and Exam Mode, each have:

CIMA Mock Exam Questions
CIMA Mock Exams

Feedback, feedback, feedback

  • 180 CIMA Mock Exam style questions, split between three mock exams:
    • Revision mode, with the answer after every question
      • Plus, Detailed formative feedback, and links to additional reading where appropriate
    • Plus, Additional exam style, time bound assessment option – no answers or feedback until you complete your mock exam

Breakdown of your performance

  • Overall score
    • Plus, Feedback on how you performed on each area of the 2019 syllabus
    • Plus, Feedback on how you performed against previous takers of the mock exam (no more questions on social media on how well did others do, we share this information with you).

Plus much more

  • Autosave function, so you never lose your previous answers
  • Question Table
  • Highlight questions for review
  • 120 days of access
  • Ad free user experience
  • Three CIMA Mock Exams in total

In summary, 180 exam style questions with detailed formative feedback, with the option of revision or exam mode and feedback on each part of the 2019 syllabus plus much more for just ยฃ10 per module.

Good luck with your CIMA studies!
Adam at LDNx

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