CIMA Mock Exams for the 2019 CIMA Syllabus

All of our CIMA Mock Exams have been freshly written for the new 2019 syllabus.  Our CIMA Mock Exams cover every outcome, component, topic and representative task statement detailed in the CIMA Exam Blueprint.  

CIMA Mock Exams +

The + pack of CIMA Mock Exams offers 180 exam style questions plus hugely important formative feedback and detailed performance analysis, amongst a number of other features.

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The CIMA Mock Exam + pack gives you access to two assessment modes, a revision mode without a timer and the exam mode, which introduces a timer allowing you to practice under the pressure of the clock.  The + package also provides fully worked answers or the explanation of how the theory should be applied to this type of question and where possible we’ve provided links to publications which we think will be helpful for your studies. There is also a breakdown of how you performed in each are of the syllabus and we’ve recently introduced the option of sharing how you performed on our Leaderboard (beta) so others can gauge how they are performing against other students.

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Formative Feedback

The importance of formative feedback in helping students improve cannot be underestimated. Academic studies have shown time and time again that formative feedback has the potential to increase students attainment by two grade boundaries. Applying that to the CIMA exam, you could be looking at an additional 12 questions with the use of formative feedback.

Highly rated:


With 42 correct answers required to pass the exam, a strong performance in every area of the syllabus is key. Not only are our questions heavily influenced by the CIMA Blueprint, but we have also adopted the syllabus weightings.  With more questions from certain areas of the syllabus, based on the CIMA Blueprint, our + package CIMA Mock Exams can accurately identify which areas of the syllabus are development areas for you.

Score in each area of the syllabus

Brilliant product compared to more expensive online providers such as Practice Test Academy, the questions are good.
Jak C

3x Mock Exams

With three 60 question mock exams – 180 exam style questions similar and in our opinion slightly harder than the real exam.  Combined with full worked answers or an explanation to the theory behind the answer.  If we’ve found additional reading material, we’ve also made that available too.

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