CIMA 2019 Syllabus

LondonX, or LDNx for short, is a project of Adam Finkel-Gates a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.  As a lecturer Adam knows only too well the importance practice assessments in preparing students for the real exam, as such Adam has spent much of 2019 writing all of the questions you find on

With the release of the exam blueprints by CIMA, Adam has attempted to create a mix of possible exam style questions.  Using the ‘representative task statements’ Adam has prepared questions that not only cover the whole CIMA syllabus, but at different levels of difficulty.  Through the CIMA mock exams, the students will be able to assess their understanding and ability to apply their knowledge to scenario style questions which range in difficult, some are a test of understanding increasing in difficulty to questions that Adam is rather proud of, difficult question that if you manage to answer correctly suggests you are extremely well prepared for your exam sitting.

In addition to practice questions, Adam knows only too well the importance of feedback.  The research suggests that feedback can increase a students grade by two grade boundaries.  For CIMA exams, you could potentially increase your exam performance by 20% with effective feedback.

Rather than write questions for a well known publisher Adam has decided to release questions for free.  This website,, offers free mock style questions across the range of difficulty for each of the 2019 syllabus modules.  The questions released for free can be used to assess your readiness for the real exam completely free and you can take the mock exams as many times as required.

If you find you are not passing, then you could consider upgrading to the plus package, which includes more exam style questions and a range of feedback.  With the plus package the mock exams allow you to compare your performance against previous takers of the mock exam.  This will allow you to see if you are average, need to incest more time or a strong performer.  Furthermore, you’ll also receive feedback on which part of the module you are performing strongly in and which areas require your focus.  Finally, you’ll also be told when the answer is the answer wh=ith detailed feedback on the rationale and if appropriate a link to further reading.

As the plus package is being released directly to the student and without a publisher, the fee is a modest £10 per module.

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