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E1 Mock Exams +

E1 Mock Exams (2019) + Package

CIMA Mock Exam + option, 3 Mocks, 180 Exam Style Questions, Revision and Exam Mode, Detailed Feedback on every question with suggested reading where possible plus much more.

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Free CIMA E1 Mock Exams

If you’ve arrived here by searching for Free CIMA E1 Mock Exams, we have two packages available for CIMA students.

The first package for CIMA E1 has two free mock exams, featuring 120 mock exam styles questions to assess your readiness for the real exam.  However, there is more to mock exams than just practicing, so…

The most successful method for student's to pass is through feedback.

The + Package

The most valuable aspect of the + package is the feedback.  Our second package for CIMA E1 includes three mock exams with 180 exam style questions similar to the real exam. Each question has feedback that explains why the answer is the way it is.  Furthermore, after you’ve completed a mock exam, you’ll also receive a breakdown of your performance across the five different sections of E1 – allowing you to identify any development areas for you to study further before sitting your real exam. We’ve went one step further and you’ll also be told how you compare to other takers of the exam, allowing you to see how similar students performed with the same test.

Plus, each of the CIMA E1 Mock Exams can also be sat under exam conditions, as many students struggle to complete the real exam in the time allowed this is a very worthwhile activity to do.

The CIMA E1 2019 syllabus has five categories:

  1. E1A: Role of the finance function
  2. E1B: Technology in a digital world
  3. E1C: Data and information in a digital world
  4. E1D: Shape and structure of the finance function
  5. E1E: Finance interacting with the organisation

Furthermore, at LDNx we’ve used the new CIMA Blueprints and attempted to replicate exam style questions for every representative task statement provided by CIMA. What this means, due to CIMA providing more information LDNx have been able to focus our efforts at creating our interpretation of what CIMA says you will be assessed on.

The difficulty of our questions fits broadly into a 25/50/25 split between moderate, similar to exam standard and difficult.  We would love to here your feedback on our questions, please get in touch through our Facebook page.

Good luck!

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