Free CIMA Mock Exam Question from Thursday 28th

Today we have a question relating to the new 2019 syllabus for E1.

The question was:

An organisation is running a social media competition, where if their followers retweet a particular tweet they will be entered into a draw to win a pair of shoes that day. The Finance Director does not believe this is the most appropriate use of company resources and has asked the IT department to provide her with some data. The IT manger has asked what data she requires?

This question relates to ‘C: Data and information in a digital world’ and is a slightly different version of the question in one of our free mock exams.

The correct answers are…

The date and time of the tweet, and

The number of followers the user has

The Finance Director will need:

  • The date and time of the tweet
  • The number of followers the user has

The Finance Director wishes to measure the impact the campaign is having, therefore knowing when people are engaging with the tweet is important, if it is causing a sizable response soon after tweeting – this is likely to be viewed as positive.  However, if there is a drip feed of retweets over a long period of time, the competition will be closed even when other users are retweeting.  Also, knowing the number of people connected to the user retweeting will be useful, if the retweet is only seen by a handful of people this is not as good as a if a user has hundreds or thousands of followers.

The hashtag is already know and the wording is just being retweeted.

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