P3 Mock Exams (2019) + Package


+ Package, more questions, feedback, links to additional reading plus much more.

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CIMA P3 Mock Exam + Package

  • 180 CIMA Mock Exam style questions for the P3 2019 syllabus, split between three mock exams
  • Two modes
    • Revision mode, with the answer after every question
      • Detailed formative feedback, and
      • Links to additional reading where possible
    • Additional exam style, time bound assessment option – no answers or feedback until you complete your mock exam
  • Various feedback scores:
    • Overall score
    • Feedback on how you performed on each area of the 2019 syllabus
    • Feedback on how you performed against previous takers of the mock exam
  • Highlight questions for review
  • 120 days of access
  • Ad free user experience
  • Three CIMA Mock Exams in total
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